Denver Summit Schools Network 2013-2014 Highlights

Increasing College Readiness through Rigorous Coursework:

Based on student scores released this summer, DSSN schools have increased the average network score on the 11th grade ACT exam by nearly 2 points in five years. In 2009-2010, Montbello High School average ACT composite score was 14.6. This year, the DSSN schools averaged an ACT composite score of 16.4. Also as a part of the DSSN, Bruce Randolph increased from 15.2 in 2013 to 16.4 in 2014. (See graph below.) In addition, DSSN met the district 2013 ACT subject area score in math.


Options for Advanced Placement coursework are steadily increasing across DSSN schools. In 2013-14, 294 students participated in Advanced Placement options available at Montbello High School, DCIS Montbello High School, Collegiate Prep Academy, and Bruce Randolph High School. At Montbello High School, the number of students receiving scores to qualify for college credit in Calculus increased from 5% (1 student) to 75% (8 students).

Getting Students to College

Montbello has increased the amount of scholarship money for students by 278% in three years. As of May 22 the total monetary amount of scholarships was $2,911,005.00.

Serving Our ELL Students

On the ACCESS English language proficiency exam, DSSN high schools increased their Overall scores of Level 5/6 (Bridging/Reaching—the highest levels) by 18 percentage points over the prior year. The percentage of DSSN high school students scoring Level 5/6 exceeded the district by 10 percentage points.

Targeted Programs are Working

The percentage of DSSN 4th, 6th, and 9th grade students (math tutoring program students) scoring proficient or advanced on the Scholastic Math Inventory (SMI) increased by 40 percentage points across the year—led by 81% of students proficient/advanced in 4th grade. Both 6th and 9th grade tutoring cohorts exceeded the grade level cohorts of the past two years in terms of both proficiency and growth. Overall, DSSN students in the tutoring program this year averaged 288 Quantiles of growth, exceeding the accelerated growth goal of 240 Quantiles (more than two years of growth in each grade level).

More Community Involvement

Twelve to fifteen Parent Community Ambassadors were recruited and trained from each DSSN school, for a total of 200 Parent Community Ambassadors.

Students Attending at Higher Rates

In 2010-11, the attendance rate for Montbello High School was 84.8%. DSSN high school attendance has exceeded this baseline every year, with 2013-14 network high school attendance at 87.6%

Making Steady Progress

Since 2010-11 (pre-turnaround), the DSSN network has raised state assessment proficiency for the network overall in elementary math, reading, and writing; middle school math and writing; and high school math, reading, and writing. This is led by an 18 percentage point increase in elementary math and a 17 percentage point increase in high school reading. TCAP scores from the 2013-14 school year are forthcoming.

Preparing Students for Success Early

At the end of they year, 71% of DSSN Kindergarten students met the district Kinder DRA2/EDL2 DPS goal of 4 (68% for English, 74% for Spanish). This is higher than the district, as 68% of DPS Kindergarten students met the goals in Kinder (67% in English, 68% in Spanish).