With our partners, we have provided 57,000 books to K-3 students, 8000 meals for students, and 300 youth jobs!

At Young Adults for Positive Action, we promote wellness and foster a healthy regional environment so that all community members of Far Northeast Denver can be better positioned for academic, personal and professional success.

Health and Wellness Defined

Health and Wellness are related terms. We define health holistically as a state of well-being that encompasses mind, body, spirit and community. Wellness is an active, lifelong process of becoming aware of choices and making decisions toward a more balanced and fulfilling life. This process can lead to a healthier state of well-being that allows individuals and communities to thrive.

These definitions of health and wellness acknowledge that individual and community well-being are multidimensional, interrelated and interdependent.

Because health is influenced by both individual and environmental factors, our efforts at YAPA address both individual and environmental influences on individual and community health.

Our environmental approach also recognizes that community members are influenced by the behaviors of their peers. Peers can have a positive influence, such as with eating healthy and being active. Peers can also have a negative health influence, such as with smoking and alcohol use.

The Connection between Success and Health and Wellness

Students indicate that health influences academic performance. Stress, sleep difficulties, relationship difficulties, depression and anxiety, and having a cold, sore throat or the flu are some of the top issues that students report impedes their academic performance. Studies of school children also demonstrate a significant connection between academic performance and nutrition, physical activity, alcohol use, and violence. Students who develop a healthy lifestyle in an environment that supports healthy choices will likely have the best academic outcomes.

Opportunities for Students and Community Members

Currently, YAPA gives students and adults the chance to participate in: Physical Activity Days, Speed and Agility Training, Spinning Class, Open Gym and Open Fitness Room Hours.