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Guys in Ties

For more information about Guys in Ties, or to sign up, please contact Cassandra Ernst at: cassandraernst@yapacolorado.org.

Guys in Ties is a leadership and mentoring program that promotes empowerment, confidence, and self-awareness in young men through presentations, discussions, and activities.


  1. Build confidence and leadership 

  2. Create a foundation for good decision making skills

  3. Learn the importance of good hygiene, etiquette, and how to be a gentleman

  4. To promote mentoring and volunteering

Guys in Ties will meet once a week for approximately 45 minutes. Sessions will vary between “fire-side chat” discussions, fitness exercises, confidence and leadership building programs, presentations from distinguished men, and community service projects. New member enrollment will be available every 9 weeks and students will continue to participate in the club for the remainder of the year.