With our partners, we have provided 57,000 books to K-3 students, 8000 meals for students, and 300 youth jobs!

Workforce Development Programs 

Young Adults for Positive Action (YAPA) has spent over 30 years exercising skills and techniques in hospitality that creates an environment for academic and professional development. Through workforce development these skills and techniques are implemented through hundreds of adults and youth who participate in our hospitality training.

Specifically designed for students and industry professionals, the YAPA HOST Program (Hospitality Opportunities and Service Training) and PEW (Placement and Education Workforce) offers hands on learning and knowledge for those who aspire to manage and lead effectively in the 21st Century. Our programs provide the competitive edge necessary to succeed in today’s global marketplace.

YAPA’s ongoing community involvement and commitment brings devotion and passion to our Workforce Development Programs. We make a difference in the world by offering HOST and PEW to all community members to participate in creating a better world through education, community engagement, and leadership. 


Workforce Development Program Overview

  1. Participants will complete an application and short survey for staff to assess the current skill level and workforce needs of all participants to better assist you with obtaining employment.  
  2. Assistance will be provided to obtain all necessary documents required to obtain employment such as: social security card, birth certificate, resume, cover letter, checking or savings account. This is to equip all of our participants with pre-requisites for the hiring process once employment is offered. 
  3. All youth and adults will participate in a series of courses (5-6), with a variety of topics, to be knowledgeable and gain experience in the workforce.

Once all courses are completed, participants will receive:

  • Workforce Certification
  •  A Professional Resume Copy
  • References from the YAPA Organization Staff: Character Reference and Active Participant Reference 
  • Membership Card 


Hospitality Opportunity and Service Training (Ages 14-20)

The HOST Program opens the door to new opportunities through innovative training that enables students to boost their career and master critical skills necessary for employment in the hospitality industry. HOST brings training to life through exciting, hands-on exercises that prepare youth for real job situations allowing youth to stand out among their competition as well-trained job candidates.

Placement and Education Workforce 
Success (Ages 21+)

This program enables members of the community to sharpen their skills and deepen their knowledge of what it means to be financially literate, career ready and professional. 

Members receive training, education, and certifications in a variety of fields to prepare them for a highly rewarding career in one of the many businesses entering the community. These skills and certifications make them highly marketable, and encourage the growth and sustainability of the community.


  1. To gain career readiness and financial literacy knowledge and skills.
  2. To gain training and certification in customer service, hospitality, logistics (warehouse), and/or other industries. 
  3. To confidently enter the workplace equipped with the training, knowledge, and skills that are necessary to be successful.

For more information contact Summer Murray, Dean of Workforce Development Programs at summermurray@yapacolorado.org or 720-423-7230. You can set up an appointment by filling out this form.