Young Adults for Positive Action Sponsors Arts Advisory Council

Strong cultural and performing arts exist in every segment of Metro Denver with the exception of the Far Northeast. Realizing this, Young Adults for Positive Action is developing a strategic plan and course of action which will incorporate the arts as a celebration and means to maintain a healthy community.

Through the input of those who have the experience, expertise, resources, and commitment to the arts, Young Adults for Positive Action believes that the global communities of Far Northeast Denver can become a national model of the dynamic inclusivity of arts, arts as a cohesive building factor which strengthens communities, and arts as a base for the common denominator in a world of difference. This has led to the creation of the Far Northeast Arts Advisory Council.

This council met for the first time on Thursday, March 26, 2015 in order to discuss the vision for cultural and performing arts within the Far Northeast Community, and ways to leverage resources in order to create a first-class arts community. Particularly, the Arts Advisory Council will open avenues for young people to express their story as a means for positive youth development and community cohesion. The Arts Advisory Council is in the process of developing a short and long-range vision and action plan, which will be made available to the public. The Executive Committee will meet monthly to support arts and cultural development in the Far Northeast community, with the full Arts Advisory Council meeting on a quarterly basis.