With our partners, we have provided 57,000 books to K-3 students, 8000 meals for students, and 300 youth jobs!

STEM Education

At Young Adults for Positive Action, we are dedicated to provided quality Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education for youth in an exciting and engaging way. We believe that education should be fun and instil a love of learning in each youth.

Our programs under STEM education include:

Workforce Development

New jobs are constantly created in the Denver Metropolitan area and Young Adults for Positive Action is in the business of training young persons and adults to be prepared for not only the jobs, but a life-long career. Although our work begins with teaching foundational soft skills and basic resume writing and interview practices, we don't stop there. All students who go through our program also learn important financial literacy methods, are connected with local employers who are looking to hire, and are placed with a mentor who will guide them through best practices in their new job or internship.

Our programs under Workforce Development include:

Healthy Living

Young Adults for Positive Action believes in healthy minds and healthy bodies. Our healthy living programs are geared towards guiding students in the best possible ways to live. This includes healthy eating, an active lifestyle, and social-emotional learning.

Our programs under Healthy Living include: