With our partners, we have provided 57,000 books to K-3 students, 8000 meals for students, and 300 youth jobs!

Young Adults for Positive Action provides program design and development to schools and community partners so that they have the necessary resources to implement programming in the areas of STEM education, the arts, leadership and communication, health and wellness, and workforce development. YAPA professionals are able to deliver curriculum, train staff, and provide on-call support to ensure success.
Listed below are programs that YAPA can partner with your school or community organization to implement. For more information about program implentation and training, please contact Cassandra Ernst at: cassandraernst@yapacolorado.org

ONE Imagination STEAM Leadership Program

One Imagination STEAM Leadership Program cultivates artists within the community by integrating foundational STEM skills into their chosen field of art. Through the One Imagination STEAM Leadership Program, students are not only able to develop necessary skills in arts-based disciplines, but learn how these skills go hand-in-hand with science, technology, engineering, and math. ONE Imagination encompasses most aspects of the arts including: dance, vocals, theater, modelling, photography, and visual arts.


Workforce Development Program

Young Adults for Positive Action has spent over 30 years exercising skills and techniques in hospitality that creates an environment for academic and professional development. Through workforce development these skills and techniques are implemented through hundreds of adults and youth who participate in our hospitality training. Specifically designed for students and industry professionals, the YAPA HOST Program (Hospitality Opportunities and Service Training) and PEW (Placement and Education Workforce) offers hands on learning and knowledge for those who aspire to manage and lead effectively in the 21st Century. Our programs provide the competitive edge necessary to succeed in today’s global marketplace. YAPA’s ongoing community involvement and commitment brings devotion and passion to our Workforce Development Programs. We make a difference in the world by offering HOST and PEW to all community members to participate in creating a better world through education, community engagement, and leadership. 

Girls in Pearls/Guys in Ties Social Emotional Program

The Girls in Pearls/Guys in Ties Social Emotional Program is a leadership and mentoring curriculum that promotes empowerment, confidence, and self-awareness in young women and men through presentations, discussions, and activities. Hour-long sessions are designed to encompass “fire-side chat” discussions, fitness exercises, confidence and leadership building programs, presentations from distinguished women and men, cultural events, and community service projects.

Food Bank of the Rockies Dinner Program

Young Adults for Positive Action partners with Food Bank of the Rockies to provide students with free dinner after school. YAPA uses this time in order to provide a safe space for students to congregate with one another and adult mentors. Schools interested in providing this dinner program to their students can connect with YAPA for more information. Community volunteers or teachers will serve and provide support for this program.