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On the Workforce Resource HUB Page, you can find: 

  • What to include in a resume

  • Why you need a cover letter

  • How to dress for an interview

  • Q and A's for a job interview

  • a photo gallery for business fashion

  • and MORE! 


What to Include in a Resume:

  • Contact info: Full name, phone number, mailing address, e-mail (create a professional e-mail that includes your first and last name)
  • Objective
  • Educational background
  • Work History (for no paid employment) or Employment History (for paid
  • employment)
  • Relevant skills, accomplishments, or certifications

Click here for "Tips for Writing a Resume"


5 Reasons Why You Need a Cover Letter:

1.  It gives you the opportunity to explain to the employer why you are a good candidate and how you can benefit the company.

2.  A cover letter will introduce who you really are, and unlike the resume, includes your character, personality, unique talents and strengths.

3.  You set your resume apart from others by emphasizing your experience.

4.  It directs the reader to relevant information on your resume.

5.  Grabs the reader’s attention, rather than skimming through your resume. 

Click here for "How to Write a Cover Letter" and "Additional Tips" 


5 Tips to Substitute Inexperience:

1.  Paid experience is not the only experience you have! Take a look at past opportunities, activities and skills to use at your advantage.

2.  Gain experience through volunteering at non-profit organizations, schools or participating in internships.

3.  Use school experience that is relevant to employers.

4.  Sum up the outcome of your experiences and include accomplishments or achievements.

5.  Separate your experiences and explain each task or skill. For example: Volunteered at an animal shelter and assisted veterinarian with pet maintenance, vs. Volunteer at animal shelter, cleaned cages and re-filled food and water bowls, answered phones, recorded visitor login, and assisted visitors in finding pet corridors. 



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